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Amistee Air Duct Cleaning - Our Reviews

Definitely 5 stars. Excellent job. Amistee and Barry's work made an immediately noticeable improvement in the air quality of our home.

Sheila P. 11/20/2018

Jeff K and Michael J were both very professional and took the time to explain and review all of the steps for having our air ducts cleaned. They made sure that all of the air ducts in our home were identified and cleaned, ensured that our furnace was working and that our basement and other areas in our home were cleaned and put back in order upon completion of the job. Additionally, we selected to have our dryer vent cleaned, however when Jeff looked at the vent he determined it was not necessary, but noticed that we need to have the vent taped, so he took care of that as well as ensured the area behind the dryer was cleared of dust. I would definitely recommend Amistee Air Duct Cleaning to my friends, and will call them again to have this job done.

Carol M 11/09/2018

I'd like to extend a sincere thank you to you and your team. My wife and I have been putting off getting our ducts cleaned for a while, and we knew it had to be done as our house is 70 years old. We also knew we wanted to set something up before the birth of our child, who was due in late January. Much to our surprise he decided to join us 7 weeks early. In the hectic frenzy that followed, one of the things we knew we had to do was finally get this done. Your team was able to provide a quick turn around before he came home and do an excellent job. I can't thank Joe and Ryker enough. When they first arrived, I explained to Joe our situation about having our preemie come home soon and he took it heart. I'm fairly certain that they could have finished the job faster than they did, but they took the extra time to make sure it was done properly and thoroughly in order to provide the best air quality for our newest addition. Joe explained the sanitation process in detail, and gave me extra time to make a decision as we both wanted to make sure that the cleaner would be safe for preemies. They did a fantastic job and left the house clean. Thank you once again!

Pat Mullen 11/03/2018

I give both Colin and Kyle rave reviews: five stars, A+ grades! The reason isn't just that each was professional, courteous, thoughtful and thorough but that they were kind and cheerful for the entire afternoon job. That makes such a difference these days. A positive attitude goes a long way. To be sure, I appreciated that each cared about protecting our floors and furniture, explaining the process thoroughly and checking in along the way to see if I had any questions or concerns but it's their agreeable rapport and affirming attitudes with one another and me that made the experience a positive one too. I will absolutely recommend both Colin and Kyle to any friends or neighbors seeking a reliable air duct cleaning experience.

Billie Ochberg 11/01/2018