Amistee Dryer Duct Cleaning – Dryer Duct Cleaning for Plymouth MI

Many things contribute to the proper operation of a dryer in a home of office.  The most critical aspect of drying time  is the venting itself.  A typical 12 pound load of laundry can weigh as much as 20 pounds when it is first loaded into the dryer.  The extra 8 pounds that vanishes in the dryer is all water.  The dryer removes this water by heating up the clothes and creating humidity which is why in the winter months you can see steam coming from the exit point.  If the air can not be adequately vented, poor drying will be the result.  Over time the venting will get clogged with dryer lint that makes it past the lint trap.  This will slowly clog your dryer vent making it important to clean on a regular basis to help efficiency and prevent a fire.

Call Amistee Dryer Vent Cleaning today to prevent a fire from your dryer and increase your dryers efficiency.  Call 248-349-8877 or submit an online form for a free no hassle quote.  CLICK HERE

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