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Air Duct Leakage Facts in Michigan
  • According to the Department of Energy, homes leak between 25%-40%. In simple terms, the air is not getting to where it is supposed to and is wasted.
  • Over 90% of existing buildings located throughout North America have air duct systems that contain small holes and cracks.
  • On average, 30 cents of every $1 spent on heating and cooling a house never makes it to your living space.
  • Aeroseal will seal holes up to 5/8" during the normal range of productivity.
  • Sealing ductwork will help with hot and cold rooms in a home.
  • Sealing ductwork has a potential savings 5 times greater than upgrading your windows and is the #1 thing you can do in your home to save money on your heating and cooling bills.
  • Leaky ducts decreases the efficiency of your HVAC equipment by up to 20%
  • Leaky ducts contribute to odors and other indoor air quality (IAQ) issues.
Amistee in Michigan Offers Certified Air Duct Sealing Powered by Aeroseal

At Amistee, we use a patented breakthrough technology that was invented by NASA to seal leaks and holes inside of your air duct system. The patented Aeroseal technolgy will seal your air duct system from the inside out like you have never seen or heard of before. This process will seal any leakage that taping and mastic can not and get to unreachable areas in your heating and cooling system.

If you are like the typical American, you know a thing or two about energy efficiency, but you're also leaving serious savings on the table. Not one person from a national survey of Americans got the answer correct that duct sealing offers the number one savings inside of a home over insulation, programmable thermostats, windows, upgrading HVAC equipment and other household upgrades.

How does the Amistee Aeroseal process work? Amistee utilizes the patented Aeroseal process, taking a non-toxic liquid sealant, heating it to become an aerosol mist as it is pressurized and inserting it to the interior of the duct system. The mist travels through the pressurized duct system and seals visible, invisible, and inaccessible leaks in your HVAC system. At Amistee we guarantee it and it is certified.

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Energy savings can result from reduced air duct leakage, which can be significant. Results can vary depending on several factors including climate, utility rates, and the individual characteristics of your heating and cooling system. In addition to energy savings there are other benefits of reduced air duct leakage such as more even temperatures in all rooms, improved indoor air quality, and reduction of odors and fumes.