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Commercial Dryer Vents

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Save money by calling Amistee today to clean the dryer vents of your institutional, commercial, or industrial facility.

Whether you are a hospital, a laundry mat, a hotel, or any other type of business that uses commercial dryers, Amistee understands that your commercial dryers are an important part of your business. By having the dryer vent cleaned on a regular basis, you are protecting your business from an expensive loss.

Our team takes pride in providing a thorough and complete dryer vent cleaning in order to properly maintain your equipment and prevent the risk of a fire hazard. We clean the entire length of the dryer vent from where it connects to the dryer to where it exhausts to the outside, and guarantee that our highly-trained technicians will remove anything that has the potential to become airborne. The combination of knowledge and experience from our team members can provide you the confidence that the dryer vent cleaning is being properly done by professionals.

According to the United States Fire Administration, every year dryer vent fires result in over $100 million in losses. Those fires caused by commercial dryers had a 78% higher injury rate than residential dryer vent fires. A commercial dryer can pose a potential fire hazard if there is lint built up in the dryer vent. Lint is a highly flammable material that is created by fibers that break away from the items you are drying. The material begins to accumulate in the dryer vent and when air cannot flow properly through the dryer vent hose, the dryer begins to overheat.

This combination of heat and lint poses a potential fire risk. Having your commercial dryer vent properly cleaned by a professional on a regular basis prevents debris from accumulating. This will prevent your commercial dryer from becoming a fire risk, decrease your energy expense, increase the lifetime of your equipment, ensure the safety of your employees, and save your business from the expenses caused by fire damage.

There are several signs to look for that will help you decide if you need to have your commercial dryer vent cleaned. A few suggestions to help you determine if is time to call Amistee would be if the items within the dryer are taking longer to dry, the dryer is hot to the touch, which implies it is overheating, the items within the dryer have a musty odor, or it has been a significant amount of time since you last had it cleaned.

Amistee provides an honest and reliable commercial dryer vent cleaning at an affordable cost. We have worked hard to create a company that maintains both quality and integrity in the services we provide. We encourage you to research our reputation and discover what people are saying about Amistee. We are the winners of Channel 4's "Click on Detroit" contest and the Super Service Award on Angie's List. We also have an "A+" rating with the Better Business Bureau. Call Amistee today at 248–349–8877 and find out how easy it is to schedule an appointment to have your commercial dryer vents cleaned.

Discover the Amistee Difference

Why is Amistee the best company for your commercial air duct cleaning?

Amistee has serviced commercial buildings such as Comerica Park, Home Depot, Meijer Headquarters, Walmart, Magna Seating, General Motors, DMC Hospitals, and many more!

  • Amistee uses the best equipment in the business. We can handle any size job.
  • All Amistee employees are extremely knowledgeable and trained to NADCA standards.
  • We've completed over 1,000 large commercial or industrial projects.
  • We uphold an A+ rating by the Better Business Bureau and have been winners of the Super Service Award from Angie's List year after year.
  • We are state licensed to clean commercial ductwork.
  • Amistee provides free estimates and a 100% guarantee.

Check out some of our satisfied commercial clients!


  • Comerica Park
  • SBC
  • AT&T
  • Verizon Wireless
  • Michigan Unemployment Offices
  • Best Buy
  • Papa Vino's
  • Grigg Printing Company
  • Petland
  • Petsmart
  • Citizens Bank
  • Comerica Bank
  • Flint City Hall
  • ASI
  • Isuzu of North America
  • Frito Lay
  • Eastern Michigan University
  • Morgan Stanley
  • Black Rock Bar and Grill
  • Bloomfield Hills Country Club
  • The Fenton Hotel
  • Davenport University
  • Camp Bow Wow
  • Hampton Inn
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Encapsulation with Amistee

Commercial and Residential properties may have insulation lining their ductwork that can break down over time. Amistee can encapsulate your HVAC system, increasing the life of your HVAC system.

Commercial Air Duct Cleaning with Amistee

Learn more about the commercial air duct cleaning process and how Amistee works hard to ensure every job is done right.

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