Air Duct Cleaning - Clinton Township, Michigan

Air Duct Cleaning - Clinton Township, Michigan

Air Duct Cleaning - Clinton Township, Michigan

Have You Been Looking for the Best Air Duct Cleaning Contractor for
Your Clinton Township Home? Look no further!

Amistee Air Duct Cleaning & Insulation has been servicing the Clinton Township area since 2005. Air duct cleaning is usually a forgotten home service that many homeowners don’t realize they need. Out of sight, out of mind is not always a good thing. Dirt and debris can build up inside of your heating and cooling system allowing that same dust to blow into your home for your family to breathe. Amistee Air Duct Cleaning & Insulation has been servicing its Southeast Michigan air duct cleaning customers with quality and integrity for over 15 years. A proper air duct cleaning of your ventilation system is essential to getting the results you should expect from a cleaning. Without proper cleaning, dirt and dust could potentially be stirred up and then redistributed at a higher rate than if you had never received the service done in the first place. With Amistee as your air duct cleaner, you should see reduced indoor dust and experience better indoor air quality. A professional air duct cleaning service for your Clinton Township home or business is a step in the right direction to clean indoor air!

Amistee has been highly rated and referred by hundreds of local service companies because they trust in the quality work offered. Amistee has cleaned over 10,000 air duct systems in the Metro Detroit area and has an A+ rating with the BBB. The reason is simple, customers are the center of our air duct cleaning business. Amistee will protect your home's surfaces with clean cloth runners before any suction hose is laid onto your floor. The feet of each technician will be protected by shoe protectors. These things are done so that your home is left cleaner than before your air duct cleaning service was performed.

Not all vent cleaning services are the same. It is important to know what type of duct cleaning company you are going to have in your home before you hire them as your contractor. If you choose a company that is going to give you an incomplete air duct cleaning job then whatever amount you spend will be wasted. Air duct cleaning truly works if the service is done in a proper way, following all National Air Duct Cleaner Association standards and practices. We want you to feel comfortable with your choice. Amistee Air Duct Cleaning & Insulation has been a member of the National Air Duct Cleaners Association since 2005. Amistee is also a State of Michigan licensed mechanical contractor and is insured and bonded for your protection.

The Amistee air duct cleaning process has been perfected through thousands of Southeast Michigan air duct cleanings. All of the air ducts that are connected to your home furnace will be cleaned professionally by using this process. This includes all of the return ductwork, supply (heat) ductwork, and all of the airside components of your furnace. The Amistee giant vacuum truck is used to apply negative air to your duct system. This is a fancy way of saying that air will be removed from your duct system through suction that the vacuum truck will create and exhaust outside into the truck’s collection bin. The exact amount of suction that is produced by an Amistee vacuum truck is anywhere between 16,000-17,000 CFM (Cubic Feet per Minute). This is equivalent to 22-mile an hour winds pushing through your air ducts.

Having a powerful vacuum truck to clean your air ducts is only half of the battle when it comes to having your air duct system properly cleaned. Your air duct system must be scraped and scrubbed to loosen any debris from the interior surfaces. If you do not have each piece of duct cleaned it would be similar to having a dirty sports car and driving it down the highway at high speeds. Some of the debris would blow off but most would stay stuck to the paint. Amistee will insert specialized ventilation cleaning tools into your duct system to properly agitate the ductwork and remove all of the unwanted debris.

The cost of air duct cleaning varies depending on the size of your ventilation system. Getting a quote for cleaning your heating ducts through Amistee is easy. For a home with under 3 furnaces, we can give you an air duct cleaning quote over the phone. If you have a home with 3 or more furnaces we can set up a free estimate at your convenience. Call our office direct at 877–349–8877 today to speak with a trained air duct cleaning team member. You may also submit a request for air duct cleaning information to or receive an online quote at We look forward to servicing your Clinton Township, Michigan, home or commercial building!

Air Duct Cleaning
Clinton Township, Michigan
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At Amistee, we are committed to the quality of our work. We offer a 90 day guarantee in order to make sure you are absolutely satisfied with our services. If you do not feel like a job was completed properly, let us know.

We will come back and make sure the issue is resolved at no charge to you. Guarantee.

Clinton Township Michigan Vent Cleaning 48035 Customer

"Dan and Barry were absolutely wonderful. They were both very professional and I will highly recommend your service to others in my area that are looking for furnace ducts to be sucked out. This combo of workers is very impressive."
-Mr. Gene Marasic, Clinton Township MI Resident

Clinton Township MI Vent Cleaning Customer 48035

"Thank you so very much! We will recommend your service to my coworkers who were using me as the test for this service. I could not be happier and found Josh and Chad to be a pleasure to have in my home."
-Mrs. Shirley Oernak, Clinton Township MI Resident

Clinton Township MI Commercial Air Duct Cleaning Customer

"I own a small hair salon in Clinton Township. My vents seem to always get very dirty quickly. I was referred to you from my heating and cooling company and could not be happier. Thank you for the quick turn around and not disrupting my business."
-Mr. Tom Keys, Clinton Township commercial building owner

Clinton Township Professional Air Duct Cleaning 48035 Customer

"Your guys were great to deal with! Super friendly and the process was explained very well to me."
-Mrs. Randi Valdez, Clinton Township Resident

Clinton Township MI Attic Insulation Contractor

"I had your company out to clean my air ducts and my AC unit is located in my attic. While they were up there they mentioned that you also installed attic insulation. I chose to go with you to add more insulation for my home and could not be happier. With the hot summer I have noticed a dramatic difference in the rooms that used to be hot. Thank you for having your guys be so educated."
-Mr. Michael Tipiano, Clinton Township attic insulation resident

Cleaning Heating Ducts in Clinton Township MI 48035

"Extremely professional from the first call (I got a live person unlike other companies!), to meeting the techs who completed the air duct cleaning the job was efficiently and courteously completed. Will recommend!."
-Mrs. Barbara Blayart, Clinton Township Resident

Vent Cleaning in Clinton Township MI 48035

"The two guys that came to clean my ducts were very professional from start to finish. They should get a Christmas bonus. I will recommend your services to everyone!"
-Mr. David Surety, Clinton Township MI Resident

Macomb County Air Duct Cleaning in Clinton Township

"Barry and Dan were very professional to have in my home and very nice guys! Thank you so much for sending such a great crew!"
-Mr. Makin, Macomb County MI Resident

Metro Detroit Air Duct Cleaning Company 48035

"Steve and Josh are the best ever! They are super nice and did a wonderful job for me and my family."
-Ms. Melissa Steiner, Clinton Township MI Resident

Clawson MI Duct Cleaning Customer 48398

"The guys were just SUPER! Very friendly and helpful."
-Mr. Jack Teeple, Clawson MI Resident