Air Duct Cleaning - Marysville, Michigan


Air Duct Cleaning - Marysville, Michigan

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Marysville, Michigan, is a charming community located on the shore of the St. Clair River. There is no central downtown and most of the dining and shopping can be done along Gratiot Boulevard. The city offers so much character with its winding streets and boardwalk that runs the length of the shore. Amistee Air Duct Cleaning & Insulation understands why members of this community take such a tremendous amount of care for their small town. There is no place else like it. Amistee has that same understanding when we provide air duct cleaning services for your home. We make every effort to maintain the integrity of your home and offer a professional and comprehensive cleaning of your entire ventilation system.

Whether your home was constructed on a crawl space, a slab foundation or a basement, there is no situation for which our highly-trained technicians are not prepared. When our air duct cleaning specialists arrive at your home, they will explain the vent cleaning process and answer any questions you may have. Our team takes great pride in providing an honest and thorough duct cleaning. We are more than happy to explain every step of our vent cleaning process. No detail is too small to be considered and from start to finish, our technicians are focused on providing the best air duct cleaning service available. Before we even step foot into your home, they will place covers on their shoes to maintain the integrity of your home. We will also strategically place foam guards and tarps underneath our vacuum hoses in order to protect your floors and your walls. Amistee Air Duct Cleaning & Insulation takes every precaution to ensure you receive the quality of service you expect.

The air duct cleaning process for the average sized home typically takes between 2 to 3 hours. Our team only uses the most technologically advanced equipment that is specific for the air duct cleaning industry. Our technicians will connect hoses from the main line of your ductwork to the compressor on our PTO (Power Take Off) driven vacuum truck. The compressor in this truck uses negative air pressure to create a powerful vacuum throughout your ductwork. The suction is measured at 16,000 to 17,000 CFM. This is the most suction permitted without damaging or collapsing the ductwork.

The air duct cleaning specialists will also go to each of the registers and cold air returns and use compressed air to individually air-wash each component and loosen or agitate anything built up within the branch of ductwork connecting to the register. In the main line of the ductwork, we will use industry specific air-scrubbing tools that will also loosen or agitate anything built up within that line of ductwork. Anything that is loosened is then pulled down through the vacuum, out through our hoses and properly disposed of in our vacuum truck. On average, our professional technicians remove 25 to 30 pounds of debris. We clean your entire ventilation system and also clean the blower compartment and air compartment of the furnace in order to guarantee that we have removed all of the build-up from your ductwork. The technicians can also show you the photographs taken before and after the cleaning so you can compare and see the quality of our work.

Amistee Air Duct Cleaning & Insulation takes great pride in providing the residents of Marysville, Michigan, a professional air duct cleaning service that is dependable and guaranteed. Call us today at 248–349–8877 to schedule an appointment!

Air Duct Cleaning
Marysville, Michigan
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At Amistee, we are committed to the quality of our work. We offer a 90 day guarantee in order to make sure you are absolutely satisfied with our services. If you do not feel like a job was completed properly, let us know.

We will come back and make sure the issue is resolved at no charge to you. Guarantee.

Duct Cleaners, Marysville, MI 48040

"Rick and Jeff were professional, courteous, just real stand-up guys. They knew how to do things properly and paid attention not to track any dirt onto our new carpet. Some of the vents were behind furniture but they moved things so they could still get them cleaned and then moved them back when they were done. My wife and I are very pleased with the experience."
-Jim Donterman, Marysville, MI 48040

Air Duct Cleaning, Marysville, MI 48040

"I was very happy with the work your company did. My house just smells better and I have noticed I do not have as much dust."
-Sharon Lloyd, Marysville, MI 48040

Vent Cleaning, Marysville, MI 48040

"The technicians were polite, respectful, and informative. I have already referred your services to two other people."
-Mary Moldred, Marysville, MI 48040

Ductwork Cleaning, Marysville, MI 48040

"We have four kids and two dogs and had never had the ducts cleaned. I knew I would need someone who really knew what they were doing and when your crew showed up, I knew I had chosen correctly. I liked how they cleaned everything and it was all included in the price."
-Allison Pasky, Marysville, MI 48040

Licensed Duct Cleaners, Marysville, MI 48040

"Great job! Those two guys deserve a raise. They were so much fun to be around and did an amazing job cleaning all the vents. Please tell Barry and Jake thank you!"
-Laura Cote, Marysville, MI 48040

Heat Vent Cleaners, Marysville, MI 48040

"The two gentlemen who cleaned our ducts did a very nice job. They paid attention to what they were doing and worked the whole time they were here. Not once did I see them on their phones or goofing off. Very impressed."
-Monica Moque, Marysville, MI 48040

Air Duct Cleaner, Marysville, MI 48040

"They did a great job! Everything your website said they did. They even put protectors over their shoes before they came in. I am very happy with the results."
-Leslie Pickleman, Marysville, MI 48040

Professional Duct Cleaner, Marysville, MI 48040

"We had a gross smell coming from one of our vents and discovered it was a dead mouse. Your company came the very next day and took care of it for us. It was well worth it and overall, a great experience."
-Cynthia Roster, Marysville, MI 48040