Household Dust and Air Duct Cleaning – Duct Cleaning Contractor in Rochester Hills Michigan

No matter how much I clean, the dust always comes back! Does this sound familiar to you? Many people wonder how the household dust builds up or even gets there. Most of the household dust originates outside and comes in through windows and doors when opened. The other portion of the dust is from other conditions inside the home. These conditions include dirty ductwork, dirty carpets, pets, construction projects and many other factors.
Indoor household dust is usually a hodgepodge of gross stuff. Dead skin cells, airborne particles, soil, dander and even toxic substances (lead, arsenic, and chemicals from furniture and carpet) top the list. It is always a good idea to clean your carpets on an annual basis using a reputable company. We have found that companies like Chets Carpet Cleaning in Madison Heights, Burg Enterprise in Macomb and Prestine Clean Carpet Cleaning in Royal Oak have offered great service for our customers. After cleaning your carpets it is always a good idea to evaluate your duct system and decide whether or not it should be cleaned. The National Air Duct Cleaners Association recommends cleaning your air ducts every 3-5 years. We have some customers that clean their ductwork in Michigan annually and others that wait more than 5 years. This all depends on you and your families health.

For a free estimate to have your air ducts in Michigan cleaned call Amistee Air Duct Cleaning today at 877-349-8877. Its time to get rid of the unwanted household dust in your ductwork.

Does Air Duct Cleaning Eliminate Dust? – Duct Cleaning Metro Detroit

Does duct cleaning solve your dust problem?  Will you never have to dust your indoor living space after getting your ducts cleaned?  This seems like it would be a very simple answer but it is more complex than you may think.  There are local and national air duct cleaning companies “claiming” that if they use their service you will NEVER have to dust again.  Think again.  After having Amistee Air Duct Cleaning clean your duct system we can drastically reduce your indoor dust but we never like to say we can eliminate your dust.  This would be a false and uneducated statement if we said we could eliminate your dust problem.

We have found that the duct system can contribute to more than 70% of the indoor dust.   If you take a moment and think of indoor dust logically it makes more sense.  If your ductwork is loaded with debris (construction dust or a buildup over years) than this will probably be blowing into your home.  It is probably a good idea to get the ducts cleaned.  This is a great way to reduce the amount of dust.  We have some customers that say after we clean their home they instantly saw a reduction in the amount of household dust.

What is household dust?  Dust is made up of many things in a home.  Here is a list of possible sources of dust for you to consider.

  • Dirty Ductwork
  • Pet Dander or Hair
  • Old Carpet That Is Breaking Down
  • Skin Cells From Dry Skin (Think about adding a humidifier in your home)
  • Outdoor Air (Many people open windows and call it “fresh air” but is it really FRESH??)
  • Dirt Roads
  • Construction Sites
  • Disconnected Dryer Vent Pipe
  • Folding Clothes That Have Been Washed
  • Toilet Paper (When you rip it fibers become air born)
  • Any Indoor Remodeling Project
  • Clean Up Clutter

If you do choose to get your air ducts cleaned to help with a dust problem it MUST be done correctly in order to provide you with any results.  The entire duct system must be cleaned, not a portion, not half, not just the vent but ALL the ducts.