Dryer Vent Cleaning in Michigan – Clogged Dryer Duct in MI

Springtime is a great time of year in Michigan. The flowers start to come out of the ground, the trees start to bud and the birds start chirping and building their nests. Sometimes if you are lucky enough birds will choose your dryer duct as a nice warm location to build their yearly nest. Dryer venting is made to exhaust the air from your dryer outside. When this passage is blocked by lint, twigs or birds you may have a problem on your hands. Your dryer can take much longer to dry your clothes or even worse, catch on fire. In the springtime it is important to keep a close eye on your dryer and the ducting to make sure you are bird free. Some early signs that should not be ignored are noises in your venting, seeing birds around the exterior vent or increased drying times.
Amistee is a trained professional for cleaning dryer ducts in Michigan. We are very familiar with dryer ducts and the problems that occur from having this venting clogged. Call Amistee today to have a trained dryer vent technician clean and inspect your venting to make sure you are having the top efficiency and preventing a fire. Call Amistee in Michigan at 248-349-8877 today!

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Failure to clean dryer ducts is the leading cause of dryer duct fires. This is a simple step homeowners can take to protect their homes and families.
Many of the new homes being built in Michigan are putting the laundry dryer in hazardous places and away from outside walls (bedrooms, second story hallways, bathrooms and kitchens). Although these locations are typically more advantageous for the homeowner, they are much longer dryer duct runs. The longer the run the harder it is for the laundry dryer to exhaust the fumes causing dangerous buildup.
An easy fix to this worrisome problem is to get your dryer vent cleaned annually by Amistee Dryer Vent cleaning in Michigan. Call Amistee today at 248-349-8877 or go directly to the “contact us” page and contact Amistee via the internet.