Michigan Duct Sealing Powered by Aeroseal®

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Duct Sealing Powered by Aeroseal®

At Amistee, we use a patented breakthrough technology that was invented by NASA to seal leaks and holes inside of your air duct system. This technology will seal the unreachable areas in your air duct system from the inside out and will seal any leakage that taping and mastic cannot seal.

Did you know that duct sealing offers the number one savings inside your home?
Duct sealing can offer more savings than insulation, programmable thermostats, windows, and upgrading your HVAC or other household systems.

How does the Amistee Aeroseal® process work?
Amistee takes a non-toxic, liquid sealant and heats it to become an aerosol mist. The mist then travels through the pressurized duct system and seals visible, invisible, and inaccessible leaks in your HVAC system. At Amistee, we guarantee our certified Aeroseal® process.

The problems that were originally unsolvable can be solved! Create even temperatures throughout your entire home or business, reduce dusting, and save money on your energy bills by sealing your ductwork with Aeroseal®.

Sealing your duct work with Aeroseal® can also earn you up to $1,200 of tax credits under Section 25C of the Inflation Reduction Act.
If you are interested in the Aeroseal® process for your home or business, call Amistee today!


Amistee Air Duct Cleaning & Insulation is one of the largest Aeroseal® vendors in the United States. The benefit of choosing Amistee for your duct sealing needs is that we offer extensive experience at a great price. Because Amistee is one of the largest Aeroseal® vendors in the country, we have successfully developed a process that runs effectively and efficiently, while delivering you 5-star service. We've solved hot and cold room problems, poor air flow and expensive energy bills for hundreds of homes and businesses in Michigan.

We take great pride in providing award-winning service to our customers. And our customers appreciate it too. We have over 1,000 5-Star Google Reviews and have been perfecting the customer to business relationship for over 15 years! Our reputation speaks for itself. Check out some of our reviews on Google, Facebook, Yelp or Angie's List!

Amistee Air Duct Cleaning & Insulation is built on communication, protection, quality, and our highly-trained clean team technicians. We are always working on finding a better way to serve and do business with our community.

If for whatever reason you don't believe the job was done completely, let us know! We offer a 90 day guarantee to ensure each job is done right and each customer is left happy. We will come back and make sure the issue is resolved at no charge. Guarantee.

Aeroseal® with Amistee

Let Amistee seal away your leaky ducts with Aeroseal®! Our award-winning process is just what you need to eliminate hot and cold rooms and save money.

How Aeroseal® Works For You & Your Home

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How to Look for Duct Leakage

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Common Questions About Aeroseal®

Still wanting to learn more about Aeroseal® and what it can do for your home? Check out some of the commonly asked questions about Aeroseal® in the video above.
Improved airflow

Your home leaks air.

According to the Department of Energy, homes leak between 25-40%, meaning air isn't getting to where it's supposed to go.

Aeroseal saves you money

Aeroseal® saves you money.

On average, 30 cents of every $1 spent on heating and cooling a house never makes it into your living space. Sealing ductwork has a potential savings 5 times greater than upgrading your windows and is the #1 thing you can do in your home to save money on your heating and cooling.

Fix hold and cold spots in your home.

Say goodbye to your hot and cold rooms.

Over 90% of existing buildings located throughout North America have air duct systems that contain small holes and cracks, which can lead to hot and cold rooms. By sealing your ductwork with Aeroseal® you eliminate those hot and cold rooms altogether.

Aeroseal® helps you save !

Significant energy savings can result from reduced air duct leakage. Results can vary, and depends on several factors including climate, utility rates, and the individual characteristics of your heating and cooling system.

Independent government-sponsored studies have shown that sealing your ducts can save you upto $850 a year. Most homeowners save at least 20%, some save as much as 40% on their energy bills.