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Amistee Air Duct Cleaners can handle all your residential air duct cleaning needs. The truth about your air ducts should not scare you. Allen Park residents should educate yourself about what your air ducts can accumulate and what you need to do to keep a healthy home. At Amistee, we will always provide Allen Park residents with a superior cleaning with the highest value for your home or business.  


Contaminants of dirt, dander, construction debris, pollen, dead skin and other pollutants can enter your Allen Park duct system and become trapped and then dislodged at a later date. Proper cleaned will help eliminate these from your duct system. Amistee will perform your cleaning the same way it has performed over 10,000 Metro Detroit air duct cleanings. That is with the best equipment, employees and commitment to your satisfaction . 

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Allen Park Testimonials

" I would HIGHLY recommend Amistee. I stopped in my tracks initially when I rec'd the quote. We just moved to Allen Park. I proceeded because of the positive reviews on Angie's list. WOW, am I glad that I did! We bought a home that was built in 2001 and the ducts had never been cleaned. The previous owners were very clean, however they had a 170 lbs beautiful Bernese Mountain Dog. Needless to say, there was plenty of black dog hair everywhere. Jason and Devoinn were very professional, courteous and kind. They explained the process and shared their findings, which as expected was plenty of black dog hair, dust and dander. The job took 4.5 hours because they were so thorough. I am VERY pleased with their work and was happy that two very sweet, clean cut guys arrived to perform the best air duct cleaning any of my homes has ever had. " 
Tom , Allen Park Resident, Michigan

Amistee Duct Cleaners can handle all your Allen Park residential ductwork cleaning needs. Are You Looking for a reliable, trusted, & professional Air Duct Cleaning, you have come to the right place! If we tell you something over the phone it is never a question as to if we are going to do it because we will. Look at our "process" page for a step by step example of how we will clean your homes air ducts in Allen Park MI. If you have any questions what so ever about this process, feel free to contact one of our knowledgeable team members to assist you. We look forward to exceeding your expectations.  

If your furnace is located in your basement and our hoses have to travel inside of your home, there will be clean protection tarps professionally placed on your floors, as well as provisions to protect your walls. 

Our cleaning process is ALWAYS backed by our stunning before and after pictures from inside of your ductwork. This is one of the many ways we prove that "we do what we say we will do".

Your home will be professionally cleaned with our truly state of the art PTO driven vacuum trucks providing you with unbeatable cleaning power. 

Call today 877.349.8877 to see the "Amistee difference". Amistee's professionals deliver -- and that is 100% guaranteed.


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At Amistee we stand behind our work and if at any time within 30 days you feel unsatisfied with the service you received we will re-clean your system at NO CHARGE, GUARANTEED!