Air Duct Cleaning Helps Air Flow

Air duct cleaning can do more than just improve your air quality and remove contaminants from your ventilation system.  Duct cleaning can also remove any blockage found in the duct system.  Amistee Air Duct Cleaning has found blockages more than just your typical dirt and dust.  Usually something was put into the ductwork by a child or family member.  We have found shoes, shirts, blankets and even more creating blockages for air flow.

On top of the unusual blockage inside of the ductwork, Amistee also finds many dampers inside of the ductwork to be closed upon inspection.  For any air duct cleaning all dampers must be opened in order to perform a proper cleaning.  In many cases, customers experience better air flow after an air duct cleaning.

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Choosing The Right Contractor for Air Duct Cleaning

When you are having anyone enter your home to perform a service you should be aware and take a few steps before allowing any work to be done.

  • Is the company licensed to perform the air duct cleaning or insulation install?
  • Are the workers coming into your home safe?  (have they had a background check) Duct cleaners see EVERY room of your house.  We do work for the Michigan State Police, County Jails etc.
  • Will the workers let you watch what they are doing and ask questions?  You are paying them and they work for YOU!  We invite our customers to watch.  We are excited about what we do and want to share that with you.
  • Is the company going to protect your home during the duct cleaning?  WE WILL!
  • Will the company show you pictures of what the ducts look like afterwards??  This is the MOST important step.  Ask to see proof of what they did.  Many companies can “talk” but do they really perform the service promised?  We will gladly show you what your air ducts look like.
  • Will the price stay the same as quoted?  We NEVER change our air duct cleaning or insulation price from the quoted price.  It just is not fair and we would not want to be treated that way.
  • Will the company solve your problems so you can breath better and dust less?  Amistee has results from thousands of homes and customers.

Amistee’s Google Sucess Story

Amistee Air Duct Cleaning was chosen from hundreds of applicants as Google’s next Success Story.

Google is one of the top choices when performing online searches.  Amistee felt that Google would be a great avenue that potential customers could use to see “how we came to be.”

Amistee Air Duct Cleaning is more than just a company, we are a family.  We treat all customers as a friend; and respect every home that we walk in to, as it was our own.

Amistee takes enormous pride in servicing clients and addressing their needs.  Our goal is to make each home a healthy, happy environment.

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