Air Duct Cleaner in Michigan Win Angies List Honor Roll Award – Amistee Duct Cleaning MI

Amistee Air Duct Cleaning has won the “Angies List Honor Roll” award for the 12th straight month. To win the award you must have at least 2 customer reviews within the past 30 days that are rated A. Amistee Air Duct Cleaning consistently exceeds its customers expectations by offering quality and honest duct cleaning service in Metro Detroit. This is what our most recent Angies List customer had to say.

Services Performed:
Air Duct Cleaning in Brighton MI
Work Completed Date:
April 27, 2012
Approximate Cost:
Home Build Year:
1998 in Brighton MI
Description of Work:
Chad and Jason arrived as scheduled to do the duct work cleaning. They were courteous and professional. We would hire these people again to clean our air ducts in Brighton MI
Member Comments:
The job went very well. We received a call that they could arrive earlier than the scheduled time, if we so desired. They were prompt and upon arrival, introduced themselves and explained in great detail what they were going to be doing. Also, they discovered a worn out (bad shape) humidifier pad that we did not even know was there, which we had them replace. Also we had a new furnace filter that we hadn’t installed and they accommodated us by installing it themselves. Cant say enough good things about the air duct cleaning itself and the team that Amistee sent out.

Smoke Smell in Ductwork – Duct Cleaning MI

When you move into a new home you do not know exactly what you are getting into in all aspects.  You will most likely do a walk through and in most cases hire an inspector to point out areas of concern.  At Amistee Duct Cleaning it is common to get people calling with complaints of smoke smell coming from the ductwork.  They say that the carpet has been replaced and all the walls painted but there is still a pungent odor in the house.  What do they do?

It is common to overlook the HVAC system as a source of odor and in many cases this is the direct cause of the odor.  If someone has smoked inside of the home the heating and cooling ducts will pick up this odor and hold onto it until the system has been properly cleaned.

Above are the before and after pictures from duct cleaning in Ann Arbor MI where the previous home owner had smoked.  After the cleaning it dramatically increased the air quality and smell coming from the ductwork.  Call Amistee in Michigan today at 248-349-8877 to see what we can do for you.  CLICK HERE TO RECEIVE A FREE ONLINE QUOTE.


Insulation Contractors in Michigan – Attic Insulation in Novi MI

Properly insulating and air sealing your attic space will help reduce your energy bills. This is a fact. Attics in Michigan are usually one of the easiest places in a home to insulate, especially if you would like to to add to existing insulation. One of the easiest and least expensive types of insulation is called “Loose Fill” insulation. This type of insulation is either a fiberglass or cellulose type of material.
Loose fill attic insulation is typically less expensive to install than the traditional “batt” or “rolled” type of insulation that most people are familiar with. If properly installed, loose fill insulation will provide better coverage meaning better energy savings.

To get an idea on how much money your up front install price would be and discuss your potential savings, call Amistee Insulation located in Novi Michigan today at 248-349-8877. Amistee Insulation in Novi services the Metro Detroit area for its consumers insulation needs.

Duct Cleaning Equipment – Air Duct Cleaning in Allen Park Michigan and Metro Detroit

At Amistee Air Duct Cleaning, duct cleaning is the main vein of the business. This is why equipment is such a main focus for the company. Amistee will only clean residential homes with its giant power vacuum trucks that move anywhere between 15,000-17,000 CFM. This is 15,000-17,000 cubes of air moving every minute through your duct system pulling debris and dirt with it. When a vacuum truck pulls into your driveway a large suction hose will be ran from the truck to your furnace room (basement, crawlspace or attic). When our technicians make an access point in your ductwork and turn the vacuum truck on to clean your ductwork, the air starts getting pulled outside to our truck. Inside of your ductwork by the access point, it is moving so much air that it is similar to 200-250 mile an hour winds going through your ductwork.
Many duct cleaning companies use a variety of equipment to perform a cleaning. Think logically, can a portable vacuum do the same as a large vacuum truck? Some competitors even mount portable equipment into the back of a van or cube van and call it truck mounted! Call Amistee Air Duct Cleaning today to get the quality you deserve and get your air duct cleaned in Allen Park MI and Metro Detroit the right way. We guarantee it. We are not happy until you are happy, I promise.