What Does Amistee Mean? The Meaning Of Amistee Air Duct Cleaning in Michigan

When Amistee was founded by owners Steve Dickinson and Mike McCowan, they had a vision of a service company that actually offered exceptional service and not just one that talked about it. Service should be taken seriously and the customer should not ever be taken advantage of or mislead, especially in air duct cleaning. Mike and Steve did not want a generic name for an exceptional air duct cleaning company and so they put their thinking caps on for the air duct cleaning company based in Novi Michigan. After many days of thinking Mike and Steve decided to combine their names to for a company name and named the company A Mike and Steve Company (A-MI-STEE). When the company was in its infancy Mike and Steve were the company and performed every cleaning. As the years passed and the company grew, Amistee started to add more and more employees. Now with more than 30 employees, Amistee is much more than a Mike and Steve company. Amistee is a company made up of many talented employees that come to work every day to offer exceptional service in the air duct cleaning industry. It is because of Amistee’s employees that Amistee has lead the way in quality and reputation for air duct cleaning not only in Michigan but in the country. When you get your air ducts cleaned by Amistee you should not expect anything but the best. Mike, Steve and Amistee take quality to the next level and improve daily to deliver exceptional service for each and every customer. Call Amistee today to get your air ducts cleaned in Michigan. Call 248-349-8877.

How To Find A Duct Cleaner In Michigan – Amistee Duct Cleaning Michigan

When it comes to finding the best air duct cleaner in Michigan you should do your research. Not all duct cleaning services are the same and if you think they are it may cost you a lot of wasted money. When looking for the best air duct cleaner for your Michigan home first start with the BBB. You can go directly to the BBB website at www.bbb.org. Do a quick search for the company you are thinking about hiring to clean your air ducts. The BBB is just the start of your search. You should make sure that the air duct cleaning company is licensed with the State of Michigan to clean air ducts. If you are unsure if a company is licensed you should ask your prospective company what their mechanical number is. If they hesitate giving you their number then chances are they are unlicensed. Check with the National Air Duct Cleaners Association (NADCA). A good and reputable company would be a member of this association. Does your prospective company have a physical location should anything go wrong and you need to get ahold of them? These are just a few questions that you should be asking yourself before you hire an air duct cleaning company and should help you find a duct cleaner for your Michigan home.

At Amistee you will always have a professional cleaning performed by a trained Amistee team member. We will never compromise our quality and cut corners. You will be able to see our before and after pictures taken of the interior of your ductwork. To have a trained professional clean your Michigan homes air ducts call today at 248-349-8877. Its time for you to be treated like a family member.

How to Choose an air duct cleaner in Michigan

Pollutants in Your Home – Air Duct Cleaning Southeast MI

Indoor air quality is considered to be the fourth greatest pollution threat to Americans by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). Even if you can never see, and can’t always smell, the chemicals inside your home, they are there.  It comes from cleaning products, drycleaning chemicals, plastic products like computer keyboards, furniture, paint, carpeting and more.

Some tips to help keep these contaminates from polluting your house are as follows:

Look for certifications. Certifications for low chemical emissions are in their infancy, but the more people who buy and request certified products, the more there will be.  Greenguard, part of Underwriters Laboratories, certifies furniture, paint, and other office and household products.  Scientific Certification Systems is another certifier.  And, for carpet, you can look for the “Green Label Plus” created by the Carpet and Rug Institute (CRI).

Choose unscented products. Many manufacturers make both scented and unscented versions of their products.  Always choose the unscented ones.

Avoid pressed wood. Pressed wood and wood composite materials are manufactured using strong glues that often contain volatile organic compounds.

Unwrap. When you buy new furniture, unpackage it outdoors and let it sit outside for at least one week to air out. Similarly, make sure to unwrap your dry-cleaning outdoors before bringing it into your house.

Ventilate. Try to paint in the spring and fall when you can comfortably leave your windows open for ventilation.  Same goes for new furniture or cabinetry.  Keep your windows open for a couple of weeks, if possible.

Paint first. It’s a good idea to paint your home first, then ventilate for several days before installing new carpeting and other textiles.  That’s because these products can absorb chemicals from the paint and re-release them into the air over time.

Buy used. Chemical emissions are at their highest when a product is brand new, so one solution is to buy used furniture that has already off-gassed in somebody else’s house.  (Unless that used furniture has just been refinished.)  Just be careful, because you want the latest safety features in things like baby cribs.  And you should look for furniture built after 1978, when lead paint was banned.