What Is Air Duct Cleaning? – Duct Cleaning in Michigan

What is air duct cleaning? There are many ways to perform air duct cleaning in Michigan and Metro Detroit but it all comes down to one thing, total removal of the debris on the inside of the ductwork. Air duct cleaning in Michigan can be done in many ways. Some companies use portable equipment to collect all of the debris from the inside of a duct system. This type of company will take the piece of equipment inside of your home and hook it up to your air duct system. Others may use a trailer mounted vacuum system and run a suction hose from the trailer mounted vacuum into your home. The last type of vacuum equipment used to clean air ducts in Michigan is a vacuum truck. This type of equipment is what Amistee Air Duct Cleaning uses to clean air ducts in Michigan. A vacuum truck is a truck that is made specifically for air duct cleaning and can not be used for anything else. The vacuum runs off of the engine of the truck. The power of vacuum equipment from air duct cleaning starts with portable equipment and ends with the vacuum truck. Air duct cleaning vacuum trucks move anywhere between 15,000-17,000 CFM (depending on the truck) while trailers and portable equipment may move anywhere between 3,500-6,000 CFM. CFM stands for Cubic Feet per Minute. This is the amount of air moved every minute. The higher the number the more powerful the equipment is.

While the type of equipment used to clean air ducts is important in air duct cleaning, it is not the end all. You must have a company perform a thorough cleaning in order to loosen up and remove all of the unwanted debris. We recommend that if you are going to choose an air duct cleaner in Michigan to choose an air duct cleaning company that is a member of NADCA (National Air Duct Cleaners Association). We also recommend that you check to make sure that they are state licensed and insured. It is also a good idea to check with past customers to make sure they are satisfied with the work.

Air ducts can accumulate debris over many years of your heating and cooling system running. Without proper cleaning by a professional air duct cleaning company, debris can be filtered into your home for your and your family to breath. It is important to know what air duct cleaning is and how it can benefit you and your family if done correctly. Call Amistee today at 248-349-8877 to speak with an air duct cleaning specialist for your Michigan home.

New Construction Air Duct Cleaning MI | Duct Cleaning Reduces Dust

With building in Michigan starting to pick up for the first time in over 5 years, Amistee is here to clear the air. When a new home is built there is often several pounds of drywall dust that gets trapped inside of the heating and cooling air ducts. This drywall dust will funnel through your ductwork only to find itself blowing into your living space.

Amistee has found that its techniques can dramatically reduce the amount of dust for your new construction home in Michigan. This can also help for residents of Michigan that have done any remodeling or construction inside of their homes. Amistee will provide you with before and after pictures showing you exactly what has been removed and what your air ducts look like. Our duct cleaning service will provide you and your family with cleaner indoor air.
New Construction Duct Cleaning in Canton MI

There is no need to move into a new home or newly renovated home and have to deal with all of the dust problems. Call Amistee today at 877-349-8877 to review our pricing structure. We are here to help you and deliver you with great service. If you would prefer, email our office at info@amistee.com for a quick response. Amistee services all of Southeast Michigan and Metro Detroit for Duct Cleaning services.

Amistee Duct Cleaning near Allen Park, Michigan – Air Duct Cleaning in Metro Detroit

Duct and vent cleaning should come across every home owners mind during some point of their home ownership. Recently, Amistee Air Duct Cleaning in Allen Park Michigan was cleaning air ducts at a 40 year old home in Allen Park Michigan and found that the return air ducts were over 75% blocked. This is not an uncommon find for many homes that are over 30 years old.
Over the years the heating and cooling system is pulling in air and depositing the contents into the air ducts. This particular home was full of original construction debris and a “carpet like” material which was actually pet hair and dander. The current homeowner was highly allergic to pets and wondering why she could not sleep at night. Since the cleaning took place our customer has contacted our Amistee Air Duct Cleaning office and commented that she has never slept so well.

Go to the Amistee contact us page within the website to have an educated air duct cleaning specialist contact you and provide you with a free quote.

Air Duct Cleaning in Michigan – Apartment Fires

Air duct cleaning by Amistee Air Duct Cleaning is very important when a building has any kind of fire. The soot and burned carbon penetrates the duct system allowing a smoke/fire smell to linger if not properly cleaned. Amistee air duct cleaning in Michigan has teamed up with the largest fire restoration contractors in the country to provide you with the best specialized air duct cleaning. Amistee Air Duct Cleanings national disaster team will travel to your location to restore your buildings air ducts and get your business up and running. Amistee will provide you with a comprehensive analysis of what needs to happen to your duct system that many others can not. Amistees most recent project was a 15 story high rise that caught fire over night affecting the entire building. Amistee was able to restore hundrands of individual air duct systems. Call Amistee today at 248-349-8877 to service your facilities air ducts in Michigan or surrounding states.