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One of the number one ways to reduce your heating and cooling bills in Michigan is to add insulation into your attic space. Many people are unaware that their attic insulation may not be sufficient. In Michigan you should have at least 17.5 inches of insulation in your attic. With the codes recently changing from R-30 to R-49, many Michigan homeowners are left with not enough attic insulation. With making the upgrade from R-30 to R-49 (roughly 11 inches to 17.5 inches) your homes heating and cooling bills should lower by 20-30%. With the winter months upon us there is no better way to stay warm and feel the heat.
Many of our insulation customers in MI can feel the warmth in their homes within a few hours. By adding attic insulation you are keeping the cold air in your attic space and not allowing the heat from your home to penetrate through the drywall of your ceiling and into your attic space. Why would you want to be heating the outside? By making this simple adjustment to your home you will soon be saving money and feeling warmer. Amistee Insulation has been a trusted name in the Michigan market since 2004 and continues to offer exceptional service. Call today at 248-349-8877 to speak with our expert staff

Amistee Attic Insulation in Michigan helps residential homes add insulation to their attics
Amistee Attic Insulation in Michigan helps residential homes add insulation to their attics

Amistee Attic Insulation MI can help you save money and assist you with any current rebates with your energy company. Call today at 248-349-8877

Fiberglass Attic Insulation – Michigan Insulation Contractor

Saving money from attic insulation is the real deal.  When you increase your attics R-Value (resistance to hot or cold) you are directly impacting the amount of gas your furnace uses.  This will impact how much money you spend on your heating bills every month.  The current code for attic insulation in Michigan is R-49 which is 17.5 inches of fiberglass insulation.  Only 5-10% of Michigan homes have this amount in their attics.

Until March 31st 2012 Consumers Energy of Michigan is offering a $300 rebate check to anyone who upgrades their insulation to R-49.   Call Amistee Insulation at 877-349-8877 for a free estimate and have an attic specialist come to your home and explain what you have and what you need for free!


Blown Insulation to Cut Energy Bills – Michigan

Fact The Department of Energy website states that “Heating and cooling can account for 50 – 70% of an average home’s energy bills.”

Fact – The EPA website states that Attic insulation plays an important role in reducing the amount of energy you consume for heating and cooling, and in turn reduces your energy bills.”

  • We can help you cut your home energy bills.
  • We can help you keep your home more comfortable.
  • We can help you make your heating and cooling systems last longer.

Amistee Air Duct Cleaning and Insulation can come into your home and offer you a free evaluation to let you know what exactly you need to do to save money by adding blown in insulation into your attic. Whether you are starting fresh in a new home or adding to your current insulation, Amistee will be able to help you. Amistee services the entire Metro Detroit area.