Fiberglass Attic Insulation – Michigan Insulation Contractor

Saving money from attic insulation is the real deal.  When you increase your attics R-Value (resistance to hot or cold) you are directly impacting the amount of gas your furnace uses.  This will impact how much money you spend on your heating bills every month.  The current code for attic insulation in Michigan is R-49 which is 17.5 inches of fiberglass insulation.  Only 5-10% of Michigan homes have this amount in their attics.

Until March 31st 2012 Consumers Energy of Michigan is offering a $300 rebate check to anyone who upgrades their insulation to R-49.   Call Amistee Insulation at 877-349-8877 for a free estimate and have an attic specialist come to your home and explain what you have and what you need for free!


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