What to Expect From an Air Duct Cleaning Contractor – Bloomfield Hills MI

As a consumer what should you really get when you are paying to have your air ducts cleaned? I am pretty sure that no one wants to get scammed and everyone wants to get a good value for their money. Over the years we have seen many companies come and go that offer far from superior service and leaving the homeowner with their hands up in the air thinking “how did this happen to me” Know that Amistee Air Duct Cleaning in Michigan does not only “follow” NADCA standards but we are a member of NADCA as well. Go to the “contact us page” within our website for our customer service reps to kindly contact you within 1 hour of our business hours. Here are a few tips to ask before hiring a company.

1.) Is the duct cleaning contractor going to make access ports and doors to ensure the system is properly cleaned? Amistee does.
2.) Is the company going to inspect your ducts before they start cleaning to make sure you do not have any asbestos wrapped ductwork? (we typically only see this on homes built before the 70’s)
3.) Is the duct cleaning company going to use proper equipment? (no portable equipment that is not HEPA filtered or inferior to truck mounted)
4.) Is the air duct cleaner going to protect your home from their equipment? Amistee uses clean tarps, corner guards and shoe covers ALWAYS
5.) Is the duct cleaner going to agitate your ductwork with a tool like an air whip or brush? The vacuum is not enough. There must be some sort of cleaning method that will dislodge the debris. Amistee will access every vent and piece of ductwork.
6.) Will the contractor seal everything up? This seems self like common sense but we see companies that CHARGE EXTRA! Amistee does not
7.) Will the duct cleaning company follow all NADCA (National Air Duct Cleaners Association) standards? Amistee does and has won Safety Awards year after year.
8. What type of guarantee does the duct cleaner offer? Amistee has a true guarantee. Your happiness is our number one goal.

Call Amistee Air Duct Cleaning in Novi to clean your air ducts at 248-349-8877.