Blown Insulation Removal MI – Michigan Insulation Removal – Damaged Attic Insulation

There is only a need to remove old insulation when it is damaged.  One of the many causes of damaged insulation in Michigan is animal infestation.  Raccoons can cause great damage to your attic insulation by building nests and raising families in your attic.  It is first neccessary to have the animals trapped and then have the entry point sealed.  Once the animals have been removed and the entry sealed, you need to get your attic insulation removed.  Without removal your contaminated insulation will host smells that will penetrate into your living space.  Let Amistee Insulation in Novi MI make this process easy for you with our professional team members.

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Dexter Michigan Tornadoes – Insulation Removal in Michigan

Amistee Air Duct Cleaning and Insulation has traveled to dozens of disasters both in state and out of state.  Amistee Air Duct Cleaning went to New York to help with the clean up process in many county buildings by cleaning the HVAC systems and ductwork.  The most recent and current project is the Dexter Michigan tornadoes which touched town on an unusually warm March 15th evening.  This storm ripped through the town tearing houses to pieces and leaving attic spaces exposed to rain.



Amistee Insulation has gone to the area to help with the drying out process which starts with removing wet/damaged insulation.  Amistee has already removed the insulation out of dozens of homes and the work is just beginning for this small town.  Our hearts go out to all of the displaced homeowners and families.